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Joel Luce

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

I am passionate about what Previon is doing because we take the uncertainty out of knowing whether or not an individual might have a serious health condition. Our name was born out of this mission, to provide preventive care solutions that bring awareness to one’s health, educate them on pursuing a path to wellness, and empower them to take control of their lives. Our ability to provide relevant information, reduce the cost of care, and ensure compliance through our technologies and people, is second to none. Our client partners know and sense our commitment to this purpose with decade’s long relationships with some of the largest healthcare organizations in the country.

I love working at Previon because it’s an amazing thing to come to work with like-minded people who really want to make a difference. Our team, all the way from the fulfillment process to software development, data analytics and client support, are engaged and want to see the full potential that’s possible for our clients and for our company.

About Joel Luce
Joel is responsible for the strategic direction of Previon. As the founder of Previon and co-creator of our patented product and process of at-home self-test kits that are tailored to the patient and empowers them to take decisive action with their health, he has realized a commitment that is near to his heart. With the loss of his mother due to colorectal cancer, that could have been detected early, he has fulfilled a promise to reach as many people with lifesaving information and products to improve and save lives. He has been with the company for over 26 years, with 35 years in the industry of helping people live better lives.

Joel Luce
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