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Galen Walters

Executive Board Member

I am passionate about what Previon is doing because as we all come to terms with the future of healthcare and our personal options, costs and changing responsibilities, I think self-care will play a major role in that endeavor for all of us. Previon is at the leading edge of that trend.

About Galen Walters
Galen is a 40-year veteran of creative business operation, retail marketing, leadership and vision. He was the founder and leader of AdPlex, a successful retail marketing services company for 27 years. During Galen’s tenure, the company had annual sales as high as $130 million and Galen provided superior leadership to over 850 employees. AdPlex worked with over 36 supermarket chains, including Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, and Walters is a recognized industry leader and innovator.

In 2007, Galen founded Go Think Marketing & Business Consulting in order to continue his passion. Go Think allows him to interact with key talent, retail marketing, new technology, and business. He has created an environment that allows organizational executives to maximize their thinking and deliver results.

Galen Walters
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