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Preventive Health Leader Plays Pivotal Role in Concurrent Large-scale Initiatives


Yorba Linda, Calif., February 11, 2022 — Previon™, a leading provider of customizable preventive health test kits, kit logistics, healthcare communications, and consulting solutions, today announced its vital role in two important initiatives designed to meet current demand for COVID-19 test kits and related services. Previon’s contributions to these critical programs highlight the breadth of their services and expertise in preventive health. Previon is partnering with a leading healthcare provider to supply COVID-19 test kits to airline travelers upon request, and the company is teaming up with two other healthcare companies to assist the Biden Administration in its effort to make COVID-19 test kits readily available to every American.

Previon Builds Test Kits for Major Airline, Delivers them Directly to Passengers
Previon is assembling and shipping thousands of test kits as part of a collaboration with a leading healthcare provider and a major airline that allows travelers to comply easily with new testing guidelines requiring U.S.-bound passengers to show proof of a negative COVID test result. Airline passengers have the option to purchase these specially discounted test kits before or after purchasing their airline tickets. Each kit Previon assembles contains a CDC-approved Rapid Antigen test and instructions for performing the test during a virtual appointment with a testing specialist who will guide the traveler through the sample collection process and supervise the test. Within minutes after completing his or her test, a traveler will receive a secure link to download the digital health certificate required for travel.

With decades of experience in the field of preventive health, Previon brings to this partnership its deep expertise in health test kit assembly, shipping, and tracking. For example, Previon prints a barcode on each test kit, thus associating the test kit with the specific person to whom it was sent. This makes it possible to track the progress and status of the mailed kits, improving the program’s efficiency and providing these companies with valuable, actionable data.

Previon Provides Hundreds of Thousands of COVID-19 Self-Collection Kits to U.S. Distributors
Through a separate partnership with a next-generation point-of-care diagnostics company, a healthcare innovator, and an expanding list of retailers, Previon is helping Americans easily access and complete COVID-19 PCR tests. Under the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Increasing Community Access to Testing (ICATT) program, retailers can offer free COVID-19 testing in their local communities and receive reimbursement. To retailers who participate in this program, Previon ships self-collection, self-administered PCR tests for them to distribute to their customers, who can take the tests on their own and deposit their completed tests in a collection box at the retail location. One of Previon’s partners in this initiative arranges for the tests to be shipped to a lab and processed within 48 hours and then delivers the results to the test takers via email. Previon is assembling hundreds of thousands of these test kits and shipping them to retailers.

Whether organizations wish to distribute self-collection COVID-19 antigen tests complete with oversight by a testing specialist, or self-collection, self-administered COVID-19 PCR tests, or at-home tests to screen for colorectal cancer, diabetes, or other conditions, Previon has the expertise to help them fulfill these needs quickly, efficiently, and intelligently. As Joel Luce, Previon’s CEO explains, “Previon specializes in innovative health test kitting solutions, including printing, mailing, and tracking physician-ordered, direct-to-patient kits through expert, multi-channel campaign management services and our patented workflow software, Preventive Care as a Service™️ (PCaaS™️). Our work with these diverse companies highlights the range of our skills and capabilities as well as our flexibility and passionate commitment to solving our clients’ preventive healthcare challenges, whatever they may be.”


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