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Previon files a provisional patent request for its physician-directed at-home sample collection kits for multiple SARS-CoV-2, urinalysis and other screening tests.


Yorba Linda, Calif., December 8, 2020 — Previon™, the leader in providing at-home testing kits and patient engagement solutions, announced that it received a patent for its Preventive Care as a Service™ (Previon PCaaS™). The patent was awarded for the novel use of multi-modal healthcare engagement software and services to make at-home test outreach more effective.

In addition, Previon announced that it filed a provisional patent November 12, 2020, for its newest packaging and fulfillment solution for the delivery of physician-directed at-home sample collection kits for multiple SARS-CoV-2, urinalysis and other screening tests.

“The COVID-19 pandemic makes the need for effective at-home screening and sample collection more important than ever,” said Joel Luce, CEO of Previon.  “Our patented solutions give healthcare providers the critical ability to deploy COVID-19 testing and increase screening for colorectal cancer and other conditions.”

The PCaaS systems and methods patents protect the innovative way Previon combines software, fulfillment packaging and execution, and professional services to create a unique approach to delivering at-home patient tests. Using PCaaS, Previon will engineer an at-home testing solution for virtually any type of test healthcare providers require. This includes multiple COVID-19 tests, urinalysis-based screenings, multiple types of CRC FIT screening and others. Using PCaaS, for the first-time payers, health systems, ACOs, employer groups, government programs and other providers can rely on a one partner to deliver physician-directed tests quickly and economically to individuals’ homes.

Previon’s complementary approach to providing patient engagement communications gives providers a single source for test fulfillment and communications campaigns ranging from health education to sequencing and follow-up navigation messaging that guides and informs test performance and ultimately to screening rates and outcomes.

The company’s use of digital, mail, and phone communications combined with its ability to connect to upstream and downstream systems like EHRs frees systems to take a modular approach to patient outreach. As a result, healthcare providers can reduce test fulfillment operating expenses while expanding pre-existing care coordination and communication programs.

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