Hyperjump Care Gaps.™ with Previon PCaaS™

Previon helps your healthcare organization automate member communications from a single dashboard into campaigns that empower and close care gaps.

Implementing our Preventive Care as a Service (PCaaS) helps to strengthen your HEDIS measures, improves CMS Star Ratings, and increases value-based care reimbursements.

PCaaS helps healthcare professionals:

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Simplify and speed the delivery of actionable communications

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Reach a greater number of people more effectively

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Streamline and integrate into existing outreach processes

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Proactively meet the evolving needs of healthcare consumers

Core Elements of Successful Care Gap Closure

Patient Engagement

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Education & Outreach

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Preventive Health Screening

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How PCaaS Works

PCaaS is a HIPAA-compliant comprehensive software solution that manages effective digital or printed campaigns that can also be connected to our Previon fulfillment center for printing, packaging, and mail/fulfillment of any document or at-home test kit. PCaaS software can integrate with lab and EHR systems.

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Let Previon Do the Work

Previon’s professional services and marketing support teams can work as an extension of your quality improvement and program services teams.

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1) Target population list curation and transmission

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2) Intake into Previon PCaaS

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3) Data, design, rules, and campaign set up

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4) Actionable information deployed to close care gap

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5) At-home screening kits fulfilled as part of your campaign

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6) Patient takes action, closes care gap

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7) Touches transmitted to chart for HEDIS documentation

Comprehensive Program Control

Healthcare professionals can manage their PCaaS programs every step of the way from a simple dashboard that includes:

  • Configurable workflows
  • Ability to define touch sequencing and timing
  • Status visibility
  • Option to A/B test communications and optimize performance
  • Tracking capabilities
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