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Empower Patients to Improve Health Outcomes Remotely from Home

by Carol Kingsley


Wide acceptance in the healthcare delivery system of at-home and remote medical care, along with changing attitudes towards patients’ responsibility for their own health, have made at-home health screenings an important and growing part of a complete medical practice. Even so, 2020 screening rates have dropped dramatically.

At-home health screening enables early detection, increases personal health awareness, and empowers people to actively participate in their care. Consumers often prefer home health screening because of its convenience and significant privacy. A simple test at home avoids a trip to the doctor’s office, which can take a significant amount of time. Home testing also reduces the risk of exposure to others who may be sick and to viruses like COVID-19. And, with the expanded use of telemedicine during the COVID-19 outbreak, individuals are more comfortable with participating in their own care at-home.

This is a welcome shift. According to a recent white paper from Epic Health Research Network, 2020 screening rates are between 49% and 88% lower than the 2018-2019 historical weekly averages. The findings in the paper underscored the magnitude of care gaps in screenings of cancers and other disease states that have resulted from medical distancing during COVID-19.

Healthcare organizations are embracing a new reality in which the management of patient workflows is changing and the opportunity for at-home screenings and care is increasing. Offering accurate, scientifically validated tests at home may help reverse the declining screening rates we’ve seen in 2020 and lead to an increase in screenings for a range of disease states over time. Ultimately, as more patients actively participate, at-home screenings may help healthcare organizations improve ratings in HEDIS measures.

Increasingly, healthcare organizations are relying on Previon, experts delivering marketing messaging campaigns, along with the fulfillment of at-home health screening kits. The Previon team works with each organization to tailor the mail, postage optimization and digital communication campaign for any physician ordered, at-home health testing kit such as CRC FIT, HPV, Kidney Urinalysis, and COVID-19. Previon solutions integrate with healthcare organizations’ lab, EHR systems, and existing workflows.

At Previon, our goal is to help healthcare organizations improve screening rates, patient engagement, and health outcomes. Follow this link for a free evaluation and to learn how to start improving patients’ outcomes from the comfort of their own homes.