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Cost-Effective Tailored Health Test Kits, Workflow Software, and Campaign Support

Previon handles the printing, mailing, and tracking of physician-ordered, direct-to-patient kits through expert campaign management services and our patented workflow software, Previon PCaaS™. Our kits leverage customized, postage-saving packaging, personalized patient letters, and identification barcodes for easy lab processing and economic screening that saves organizations money and improves patient experiences.

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Types of Tests We Kit

We can help you achieve a range of preventive care goals and objectives with innovative health test kitting solutions. We can fulfill test kits to screen for:

  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Disease
  • FIT Kit
  • COVID-19
  • Women’s Health concerns
  • STIs
  • And More!

Previon currently fulfills an average of 2 Million CRC FIT kits per year. Contact us today to learn how we can manage your large-volume needs!


Previon will work with your team to evaluate the workflow and processes for your physician-ordered tests, including the specific lab(s) you use and their accession processes, along with your data and reporting needs.

Once we establish an optimized process, you can securely transfer patient data to Previon daily, weekly, monthly, or in a single project, to build and ship kits on demand. With every kit, you can include personalized communication from you to your patient to help encourage high completion rates and patient satisfaction.

Kit Fulfillment Options

Health Test Kit Bulk Distribution

In addition to mailing individual kits directly to your patients, Previon can assemble bulk orders of kitted tests and ship them to your distribution centers, headquarters or local facility, for your in-reach use cases.

Ask us about including bulk return UN3373 or Exempt Human Specimen supplies for return of multiple tests to the preferred lab in one shipment when you need to test multiple patients during an outbreak.

Whatever your needs, Previon can deliver.