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With over 40 years of experience as a trusted industry leader in healthcare communications and test kit solutions, Previon serves any organization that wants to offer testing to their employees, members or customers.

You have peace-of-mind that the program meets HIPAA regulations and that the right test, inserted materials and packaging are delivered to the right recipient with precision, accuracy and quality.

We support various tests and packaging options for virtually any industry and disease state, including COVID-19.

Looking for a Complete Solution?

We can help you design a complete solution from test selection to optional physician oversight, lab delivery, tracking and customized dashboard; white labeled to allow for your branding on the box if preferred.

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Looking for Bulk Kits to Have On-site for Members, Employees or Customers?

In addition to direct-to-patient, Previon can also process bulk orders of kitted tests that you can hand out and administer in your local facility, in drive-thru lines or other in-house uses.

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Previon Complete Testing Solutions

Previon is unique in the under-one-roof capability to tailor your at-home or bulk order test fulfillment from design to production.

Solutions are flexible and can be engineered to include direct connectivity with test manufacturers, CLIA-certified labs and physician oversight, where needed.

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Empower your members to beat colorectal cancer with our patented test kits that have increased screening kit response rates of over 50% for our clients.

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COVID Test Kits

Paragraph below it should read: Get your workers, members, travelers back with regular COVID screening, by bringing the tests to them

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If You Don’t See Your Test Kit Listed…

Connect with a Previon representative who can help design your at-home kit program to tie in with existing workflows.