COVID-19 At-Home

Test Kit Solutions

for Healthcare Providers & Payors

White-Labeling of COVID Test Kits

at a 30%+ Savings

For over 40 years, we’ve partnered with healthcare providers to fulfill programs that help them engage and connect with members.

With widespread demand for COVID at-home testing, we offer more flexibility at a lower cost.

Previon Strategic Partners

We are proud to partner with these leading organizations to provide COVID at-home screening solutions for our clients.


The HealthPulse@home test kit uses a gentle, lower nasal swab, which is transported in a dry tube without stabilizing liquid to make the test easier to use.

Spectrum Solutions

The SpectrumDNA SDNA-100 collection kit is FDA (EUA) Authorized and has the ability to inactivate the live virus after self-collection of saliva sample.


How Previon Tailors At-Home COVID-19 Testing Programs:

In the past 2 years alone, we’ve processed over 2.5 million test kits. Your partner for preventive care, at-home testing fulfillment and compliance communications, we can automate your workflow from beginning to end.

Previon allows healthcare organizations the freedom to choose what should be included in their program and how the member experience should take place, fulfilling the needs of the entire workflow cycle or simply helping at individual stages; all the while keeping in mind tight program budgets.

7 Steps to Developing At-Home Self-Collection Screening The Previon WayTM

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Step 1: Select Your Test(s)

Choose one or more of the partner test companies offering their FDA EUA approved test for At-Home-Self Collection to complete a PCR Active Coronavirus Test.


Step 2: Build Your Kit

Tailor your kit, the Prevon Way™. Previon ensures that all postal and FDA regulation, test instruction inserts, etc. are strictly adhered to, while allowing you to showcase your brand.



Step 3: Select Additional Member Communications to Tailor their Journey

Previon’s patent pending PCaaS™ software can help to securely send any additional member communications either printed/mailed, or e-delivery through text, email or voice to text IVR.


Step 4: Member Data

Upload member data using secure data transfer protocols.


Step 5: Connect Members with Lab & Physician Oversight

Let Previon connect you and your member’s journey with the lab and physician oversight partners approved for the particular tests available.


Step 6: Previon Fulfills the Test Kits

Previon assembles and fulfills your kit using our state-of-the-art facility employing HIPAA-compliant and quality-assured processes.


Step 7: Visibility & Monitoring

Log into our patent pending PCaaS™ software to view, monitor and maintain your campaign activity.

Build Your Custom Program with any of the Following from Previon:

Unlike other direct-to-consumer COVID at-home test kit providers, Previon offers healthcare organizations more options in terms of packaging and fulfillment, lab processing, physician oversight and more.