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Outsource your At‑Home Health Screening Program

Get your patients back to important health tests, by bringing the screenings to them, at home.

Leverage our systems and capabilities to deliver physician-directed tests quickly and economically to the point of care that people need most today: At home.

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Why Outsource to Previon

Previon’s solutions are flexible and can be engineered to any at-home testing, including multiple COVID-19 tests, urinalysis-based screenings, multiple types of CRC FIT screening and more.

The optional use of PCaaS™ for digital, mail and phone navigation communications and the capability to connect to upstream and downstream systems (ex. EHRs) using APIs frees health systems and payers to take a modular approach that reduces operating expenses associated with fulfilling the tests, and augmenting pre-existing care coordination and messaging capabilities that our clients already have in place.

Previon is unique in the under-one-roof capability to manage large scale at-home test fulfillment from design to production.

Outsource your At‑Home Health Screening Program

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Patented Software for Innovative Uses

Previon’s innovative outreach engagement solution, trademarked as Preventive Care as a Service (PCaaS™) holds a patent for the innovative use of multi-modal healthcare engagement software and services to make at-home test outreach more effective.

Previon has followed that by filing a provisional patent for our newest packaging and fulfillment solution for the delivery of physician-directed at-home sample collection kits for multiple SARS-CoV-2, urinalysis and other screening tests.

Previon also holds a patent supporting specific types of colorectal cancer fecal immunochemical test (CRC FIT) screening kits.

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Professional Services for a Tailored Program

At Previon, we treat each and every customer as a unique engagement, offering tailored ideas, strategies and solutions without the high cost normally associated with consulting firms.

We enjoy digging into your project with you and sitting arm-to-arm as team members working toward your goals.

Bring your need to us, and we will engineer a solution.

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Consultation for Lab and Physician Oversight Options

You may need Previon to help you with an entire end to end solution, where we can deliver the right workflow, lab and physician oversight organizations into the process, through our strategic partnerships.

Or, your organization may have a physician ordering protocol, but prefer assistance in setting up lab.

Whatever your needs, Previon is here to help.

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Nationally Recognized At Home Tests

Previon is strategically positioned to help configure any at-home sample collection kit and works with recognized test providers (FDA and/or EUA approved), lab, and physician oversight organizations to help any company, health system or payer to achieve their personalized screening and communication program.

Since 2018, Previon has fulfilled over 2.5M CRC FIT Kits.

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State of the Art Fulfillment Facility

We built it so that you would come.

Our fulfillment operation is the main focal point of our building – a state of the art facility. When you walk in our front door, you’re greeted by a large, bright and airy green space that offers a full view of our expansive production laboratory. This is where you’ll see team members building a variety of health screening kits with the utmost quality assurance, HIPAA and compliance protocols to serve our clients in the healthcare industry. We welcome visitors and adhere to all recommended protocols for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Program Effectiveness and Optimization

Your results are important to us. We utilize several strategies to achieve program effectiveness and optimization. With our software and systems we help you create optional member communication campaigns to support a person’s journey in the test program, provide you with access, dashboards, tracking, and A/B testing of digital communication methods. With our expertise in packaging and fulfillment, we evaluate all inbound/outbound third-party logistics companies, recommend postage optimization tips, and integrate with the logistics companies for tracking to monitor results.

Previon Strategic Partners

We are proud to partner with these leading organizations to provide COVID-19 at-home screening solutions for our clients.



The HealthPulse@home test kit uses a gentle, lower nasal swab, which is transported in a dry tube without stabilizing liquid to make the test easier to use.


Spectrum Solutions

The SpectrumDNA SDNA-100 collection kit is FDA (EUA) Authorized and has the ability to inactivate the live virus after self-collection of saliva sample.

Build Your Custom Program with any of the Following from Previon

Unlike other direct-to-consumer COVID-19/CRC FIT/Other at-home test kit providers, Previon offers healthcare organizations more options in terms of packaging and fulfillment, lab processing, physician oversight and more.

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