Our Story

Growing from our roots in commercial printing, Previon entered the preventive care space as a leading healthcare communications provider for organizations practicing value-based care. After recognizing that many preventive care teams struggled to address inefficiencies entrenched in their communication processes, we began to incorporate digital tactics to meet modern business needs, developing patented technology that offers self-service documentation and workflow management for streamlined communication compliance and delivery.

Dedicated to empowering organizations with cost-effective internal tools that enable high-quality care for patients and health plan members, Previon added preventive health test kitting to our suite of solutions. Our unique approach to packaging and mailing a proprietary colorectal cancer (CRC) FIT kit was awarded a patent that we leverage today to optimize kit campaigns for a variety of direct-to-patient programs. As Previon continues to evolve to help healthcare organizations overcome disruption, we remain focused on filling critical gaps in the way teams connect with each other and the communities they serve. By blending digital and traditional methods, we encourage payers, pharmacy benefit managers, and employers to lead with customized, economic engagement strategies that place personal care in the hands of individuals.

  • More than 3 million CRC FIT kits processed since 2018

  • Enabled more than 20 million healthcare screenings

  • Patent holder for cost-effective health test kit packaging

  • Patent holder for innovative PCaaS™ software